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We use biodegradable detergents. These detergents are safe to protecting the exterior of your home and/or business. Additionally, biodegradable detergents are formulated to be more effective for specific surfaces such as wood and concrete. Biodegradable detergents are also environmentally friendly for pets and gardens. To ensure a thorough job of cleaning any structure or surface, we use these detergents in combination with the appropriate pressure washing speed and water temperature to remove any debris.


Geno's EnterPrizes, LLC currently uses a gas pressure cleaner. We use a gas model because it cleans faster due to much higher pressure and water flow rates. The PSI (amount of pressure produced by pounds per square inch) is 3,000, which allows for more water pressure to force more dirt and grime from the surface and more water flow per minute to flush that debris away. We use a heavy duty gas pressure cleaner also because it gives more cleaning capacity and can handle any job. The model we use features a variable pressure option. This allows us to adjust pressure based on the surface and/or structure being cleaned to prevent any damage.

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