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A Locally Owned & Operated Business

BroDrick Gene Engram

Owner & Operator

Geno's EnterPrizes grew out of my entrepreneurial spirit. I have always dreamed of owning my own business. Having the opportunity to work closely with another pressure washing operator, I developed a passion for restoring the beauty of any structure or surface. 

I have truly dedicated myself to Geno's. After each completed project, I attempt to further my knowledge on the best products and tools needed to ensure I have used the most effective process and to ensure my customers are continually satisfied with my work.

Over the last year, I have expanded the services that Geno's offers. Geno's now also specializes in grave cleaning and restoration services and sanitization. Just like with pressure washing, I saw a need in my community. And because I believe beauty can be restored and refreshed in any and everything, these new services still reflect my commitment to offering a quality service, but ensuring the brand of Geno's meets the expectations of our customers.

Geno's EnterPrizes is my way of continuing to demonstrate my experience in customer service. I have managerial experience in the restaurant industry that has taught me determination, confidence and passion. My prior experiences have positioned me to blossom as an entrepreneur. And I hope it will not only continue to lead to my own personal success, but also influence the lives of my children and empower others to believe in their own dreams, too.

"Geno's is  not just about restoring and refreshing  the beauty of  a home, a building or a grave, but it's about developing and building relationships with those who trust me to   provide a service to help with the upkeep of their home or business

or a loved one's gravesite."

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